Workshops and Symposiums Summary

Synopsis of Presentations

In July 2018, Lean Sigma Institute (LSI) was proud to facilitate a workshop for Councils to understand the critical issues for Councils to sustain continuous improvement (CI) and even for Councils to start up a program of continuous improvement. There were 36 people in attendance and 9 Councils were represented and the overall facilitation was by Dr Roger Hilton. There was good commentary and feedback during the day and over the last few weeks to us.

Presentations were made by Executives from Yarra City Council, Glen Eira Council and Brisbane City Council. An executive from an international manufacturer based in Melbourne also presented for the purpose of leveraging ideas of innovation and approach that has worked for manufacturers and may be appropriate for Councils.

The first speakers were Karen Campbell and Jacque Ryan from Yarra City Council. Both Karen and Jacque are from the Construction Branch and they spoke on why they started CI, the approach, success stories, ways they built a culture of CI and key learnings. Karen invited Brendan Carins from Yarra, who was heading up the CI function at Yarra.

Next was Chris Bonehill and Chrissy Athanasopoulos from Glen Eira Council. Their focus was firstly mapping the end to end value stream. Chris was supported by Chrissy Athanasopoulos from the CI team and is assisting Chris develop the services catalogue.

Next was Janine McKay. Janine is from Brisbane City Council and has the role of CI Manager. Brisbane CC are quite mature in their CI journey. Janine’s focus was Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. Janine explained the neuroscience of engagement, employee experience mapping and how engagement is achieved through connecting to purpose. 

In the afternoon, Megan Turnley from Yarra City Council showed how Yarra is managing the significant change brought about by the improvements in process.

For Yarra through Megan, the focus is in aligning change management activity with business improvement. The process involved working across the organization to expedite adoption, utilisation and buy-in of change, identifying opportunities for business improvement and implement strategies and initiatives and designing effective, sustainable and human - centred solutions for all improvement strategies. The result was maximising the change management and business transformation benefit, value creation and return on investment.

The final presentation was by Barry Davies, Quality Director at CCL Secure. Barry’s focus was to demonstrate how considering a view of the Value Chain enabled CCL Secure to make significant step changes using disruptive innovation strategies in changing every aspect of the business. This is very unique and the relevance to Council’s is to provide ideas for disruptive innovation in Service delivery.

LSI have a passion for delivering effective and efficient consulting and facilitation services to Councils.

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