Corvid-19: Business Stimulus Consultancy - 1

Valid till 30th June 2020 – Complementary to the first six organisations

Sustainable Solvency Supply Chain

In today’s volatile market, with shareholder demands for higher margins, procurement walks a tightrope!

Sustainable solvency is mass of moving parts, such as balancing demand vs supply, profit vs ethics, product mix vs service quality, and revenue generation in the ecosystem. A sustainable supply chain is cultural and change addressing transformation; ultimately a business risk to solve by the senior leadership.

This data sheet is not exhaustive in its aims to solve supply chain crises, rather an exploratory discourse of specific areas within a supply chain and its sustainability.

There are two layers to establish a foundational change:

Layer 1: Channel Convergence, Sales Transformation, Value chain Integration and Logistics,
Layer 2: Customer, Procurement, Competition, Production and Cultural Change. 


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